About Us

EnZen Therapeutics is a privately held pharmaceutical company located in San Diego, California which derives its name from the Japanese word Anzen (安全) meaning safety. Enzen is a spin-out of Encube Ethicals Pvt. Ltd., an integrated pharmaceutical organization dedicated to semisolid formulations for more than two decades.

We have embarked on a journey to bring to market treatments for Less Common Dermatological Conditions that have few or no treatment options. Our focus is on prescription products delivered by the topical route of administration with inherent safety advantages that local treatments can confer. There are hundreds of Less Common Dermatological Conditions, often qualifying as orphan diseases and most have no approved treatment options. The skin manifestations of Less Common Dermatological Conditions not only impact the physical health of patients but may also result in negative psychological impact and a significant reduction in quality of life for them, Acknowledging these real unmet needs and, identifying critical opportunities we strive to make difference in the lives of patients suffering from such diseases.

Through licensing and strategic collaborations we are growing our pipeline of drug candidates. With the backing of an experienced team we aspire to become a leader in the space of Less Common Dermatological Conditions.